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Global Racing Group knows what it takes to win. Our bespoke driver development programmes equip talented youngsters for a professional career in motorsport

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Driver development programmes to meet all career targets

Behind the wheel

We mastermind driver development programmes in four motorsport categories. Our holistic approach is totally unique and allows us to offer cross-discipline training to accelerate the learning process and give drivers the varied skills they need to succeed.

Global Racing Group is proud to run a four-car team in the F4 US Championship.

This FIA-certified series provides a professional environment in which aspiring single-seater racers can hone and develop their skills, as well as earn points towards achieving their FIA Super Licence.

Open Wheel

Global Racing Group provides bespoke driver development programmes for talented youngsters that want to pursue a career in sports car racing.

Our affiliations to the factory-backed Heart of Racing Porsche team in IMSA and the Ferrari Challenge series allow our drivers to spend time with and forge closer links with high-profile, experienced teams in their racing category.


Global Racing Group’s relationship with North America’s most prestigious and professional rallyschool, DirtFish, allows us to provide the best driver development programmes for competitors that want to stand out on the world’s asphalt and gravel stages.

This proud affiliation allows our drivers to be integrated into the international rally and rallycross programmes that DirtFish is associated with – an initiative that greatly helps skills development and category understanding.


As one of the fastest-growing forms of motorsport, thanks largely to its newly-awarded world championship status, rallycross is at the heart of Global Racing Group’s driver development activities.

Our affiliation with DirtFish allows our drivers to learn the unique driving skills that are required to race successfully on mixed-surface tracks. And spending time with the official DirtFish team in the Global Rallycross Championship (GRC) helps our drivers to understand what’s required to be successful in this unique category of motorsport.


But there’s more to winning than driving

Outside the cockpit

Global Racing Group drivers have to understand the ‘business’ of motorsport if they want to be successful and credible. Our unique leadership and management training delivers this awareness and associated skills.

Driver Driver
BrandOur drivers learn how to build their own distinctive brand that will underpin and support their journey towards the top of their motorsport category. Being attractive to commercial partners and fans is vital in today’s paddock environment – but is often overlooked.
LifestyleMaintaining a high level of health and fitness is key to success in motorsport. Today’s world champions are finely-tuned athletes that can cope with both the physical and mental demands of competition. We give our drivers the professional knowledge and skills to be able to meet this requirement.
MediaGlobal Racing Group drivers are given a comprehensive insight into how the media works – at both a specialist and general level – so they can be proficient in understanding how media coverage can be leveraged to increase profile and meet the expectations of sponsors around engagement success.
ValuesTo maximise their opportunities inside and outside of the cockpit, Global Racing Group drivers must meet positive behavioural and positioning expectations. We give them the skills to lead from the front, motivate their team and to be aware of their professional obligations to sponsors, officials and fellow competitors.
Skill, knowledge and experience
shapes champions

Our entertainment

Global Racing Group is committed to providing drivers, guests, partners, sponsors, motorsport influencers, as well as children and teenagers from under-privileged backgrounds, with a comfortable environment in which they can flourish and achieve success.

Global Racing Group is experienced in leveraging the power and excitement of motorsport to give team and driver partners the most striking and effective platform that can be used to drive brand development and plays a leading role in establishing strong executive engagements within entertaining and positive hospitality environments.

The drive to effectively build and shape brand perception for partners and sponsors continues at pace away from the motorsport paddock. Global Racing Group is experienced in organising attractive events that can be hosted at business headquarters or in landmark locations to bring greater visibility to motorsport activities and shared successes.

A support network that makes a difference
Our advisory and management board
Martin Reiss
Roberto Perrina
Steve Rimmer
Mac McInnis
Romain Grosjean
Don Kitch Jr.
Christian Pedersen
Mark Weida
Evan Chance
Peter Argetsinger

The success of Global Racing Group’s driver development programmes is driven by a team of industry experts that has been assembled to provide the right kind of support at exactly the right time.

The 12-strong advisory and management board has decades of experience in professional competition, engineering, entertainment, marketing and communications.

And with an extensive network of motorsport executive and Fortune 2000 company contacts that can be called upon to support the board and Global Racing Group’s activities, our drivers are the ones that benefit directly.
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$40,000 prize fund

prize fund

Success in motorsport needs to be earned. It takes a lot of hard work, determination and talent. Therefore, it’s only right that successful drivers are rewarded for their efforts.

Global Racing Group is the only team on the F4 US grid to run an internal scholarship programme that offers a total prize fund of $40,000 to its drivers.

The driver that has worked the hardest and finished highest in the points standings at the end of the 2017 season wins $20,000 to put towards their 2018 budget, while the second driver wins $10,000 and the third and fourth drivers each receive $5,000.
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